Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homework Assignments

This section of the blog can be used to ask pupils to upload their homework assignments onto their blog. This offers many affordances to both the teacher and the pupils, these include:

  • There is a record of every homework assignment that each pupil has completed and submitted 
  • The exact time and date that each assignment was submitted is easily read in the time stamp of each post
  • The pupil can see his/her progression throughout their course of study. This will lead to a greater sense of achievement as their work improves
  • Asking pupils to submit some/all of their homework online improves pupils' technological literacy which is important in today's knowledge economy
A problem that could occur with this activity is that pupils may not feel that their homework is good enough to be posted online and this may lead to stress and anxiety. This is easily avoidable however as any section of a pupil's blog may be set to private, which leads to a situation where only the teacher can see the contents of the pupil's blog.